If you’re tough – Knuckle Duster Mug

10 07 2010

The nature if tea is usually a peaceful one, but now there is a way of drinking tea for the violent and aggressive without loosing face – the Knuckle Duster MUG! from the London design studio Thabto is the answer.

This is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite hot drinks without loosing the tough appearance – ideal for mafia bosses, thugs, prisoners, professional fighters and many more. But seriously, apart from the skilled and pleasing design, these mugs carry a sense of humor and can attract a lot of interest. They are made of porcelain and the a knuckle duster handle is titanium plated. Available in three different colors – white, white/gold and black/silver. To not subtract from a man’s manliness they also come truly ‘man sized’, which doesn’t mean that a woman can’t have one (cause there are some very manly and dangerous women out there too).

The good things is, they are not overpriced. For £10.95 you can impress your coworkers, be original and ensure that nobody will mess with you ever again.




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