The Perfect Cup

20 12 2010

Callum Kenny, a design student, has created a tea set which allows tea drinkers to brew a perfect cup of tea. The very clinical looking set includes devices such as a glass carafe, three temperature bulbs, a tea caddy and a tea filter. The main feature of this design is usage of the Galileo thermometer to get the correct temperature of brewing water. The three bulbs indicate different temperatures and raise to the top of the glass cylinder when water is ready to be used.

Once ready, you place the tea leaves inside the filter and put it into the tube. You wait and admire the water changing color and there it is, your perfect cup. The inspiration for this project was that 64 millions of cups are being brewed on a daily basis, however few of them are prepared with deserved care and attention to achieve the optimum flavor.

However, this brings me to the question ‘Is there a perfect cup of tea which can be endlessly executed in the same ritual?’ I agree, tea is usually prepared with little care, in fact, what most people do with tea is sacrilege, but can there be a device which will produce a perfect cup of tea every time. I’ll leave you with that. Enjoy the video.






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