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22 02 2009

Green and white teas were unknown to the eastern world for a long time, because China originally only exported black tea (red tea in China). Black tea was considered lesser quality and was not desired by the Chinese, thus they were sending the tea abroad.


Did you know

16 12 2008

The four famous Wuyi Mountain Oolong tea bushes that grow on sandy cliffs in mineral-rich soil are

Da Hong Pao
Shui Jin Gui
Tie Luo Han
Bai Ji Guan

These are known to be the sacred bushes and any teas cultivated from those original bushes are called ‘rock teas’ and are said to have miraculous healing properties because of the soil they grow on.

Did you know

3 12 2008

Tea can be compared to wine as follows

Black tea – red wine
Oolong tea – rose
Green and white tea – white wine

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22 10 2008

The word for tea in different languages derives from two different Chinese dialects either from cha (like chai, sha, saah) or the word te (like tea, herbata or teja).

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14 10 2008

80% of caffeine in tea is released during the first 30 seconds of steeping. If you want to get rid of the caffeine in tea you can steep the tea for 30 seconds, pour out the infused water, pour in new water and continue steeping the same tea for the recommended amount of time.

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2 10 2008

It’s better to keep tea in tin containers then paper boxes or glass jars, because sun rays and light destroy the quality of tea as well as air and moisture.

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4 09 2008

The characteristic flavor and aroma of Earl Grey tea comes from adding begamot oil to the tea leaves. This oil is extracted from the skin of bergamot oranges – pear-shapes citrus fruits mainly grown in Italy.