The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Blends

11 09 2012

We had a fair share of Royal Wedding Tea blends available but knowing that the Brits are crazy about their Royals it is inevitable we will have a flooding of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tea as well. So let’s go and drink in honour of the Queen! Starting with the most expensive of course

1. Harrods Diamond Jubilee Silver Plated Caddy


At only £150 you can have you limited edition, sterling silver Diamond Jubilee Caddy from Harrods! And it is indeed very limited as there are only 60 available. The caddy features a Queen engraving and harrods logo, it is a lovely classic yet modern, stylish design. You will also get another caddy with the Queen’s Blend Tea infused with rose buds. Personally I love it if I had £150 to spare, a brilliant collectors item. Unfortunately there is no details about the tea itself, but one can safely assume that it’s a blend of black teas – very English.

2. East India Company Jubilee Tea


Our next candidate is also a silver plated caddy but at a slightly more affordable £75 from The East India Company. This offering is very interesting because the tea comes from a Sri Lankan tea bush planted in 1954 by Prince Philip, which means drinking true Royal goods. The caddy is handcrafted in a more more classic and ornamental style then the previous Harrods one. This is a black tea from Pedro Estate, something you can typically enjoy in the afternoon. Also a limited edition – 500 available, and you also get a spoon with it.

3. Harney and Sons Diamond Jubliee


Harney and Sons always comes up with blends with a twist and so they have succeeded this time as well. The special blend to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee is a black Earl Grey with silver tips, but as well as bergamot is also has grapefruit essence. Not crazy about the caddy personally, but it is good value for money. You can get the caddy with 30 sachets for $12, but the blend is also available as a loose leaf.

4. Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend


This is the only blend I have tried from all the Jubilee teas. It is a black tea blend of Indian Assam and Chinese Yunnan, a typical robust English tea, a bit coarse in flavor. The caddy is a more playful take on the whole Jubilee thing, nevertheless it’s cute. Available as loose leaf in three caddy colors – blue, green and pink for £6 at Twinings, also as tea bags.

5. Royal Collection Diamond Jubilee Tea Caddy


If you crave some official Royal Family merch this is it. From the Royal Collection Shop you can get this Diamond Jubilee Caddy for £8.95. It is a beautiful, embossed tin containing 50 tea back with, presuming, black tea.

6. Fortnum & Mason Jubilee Blend


Fortnum & Mason is also offering a Jubilee range, including a black tea blend from India, Ceylon and China. Caddy in classic Fortnum & Mason colors with design specially commissioned for the occasion. It can be yours for £15.

Having covered the (I think) majority of the Diamond Jubilee teas out there, there is one last item, although it is not a tea, it is worth a mention. At a hefty £150 Royal Worcester is offering a fine bone china tea caddy that celebrates the Jubilee. As the website points out it is a must have for serious collectors, available in a limited number of 1000.



New Twinings Ad

19 10 2011

It’s probably hard to miss, because it feels like it has been all over the place, but Twinings has recently released a new ad featuring a cover of The Calling song ‘Wherever You Will Go’. The advert is currently aired on UK television and it’s quite refreshing and unusual – a daring move on the company’s part. Finally they got in some talented illustrators and animators to create this visually beautiful ‘art-film’. Hopefully we will get more of this in the future.


Hugh Jackman in Lipton Iced Tea commercial

25 07 2010

In case you have not seen this yet, you should take a look. Hugh Jackman is the global ambassador for Lipton and he is starring in their promotional campaign directed by Michael Gracey. The Australian actor is showing off his skills energetically dancing though a hotel, thus the ad is called “Tokyo Dancing Hotel”. Watching this, you can’t help but think of Christopher Walken dancing in the Fatboy Slim video for Weapon of Choice. It is very entertaining.

There is also a follow-up ad called “Hard Day’s Work” and it features a love scene with actress Ana de la Reguera. Jackman has a three-year contract with the company since this January, so it is very likely we will see more of the new Lipton face.


Lady Gaga is the new face of tea

20 07 2010

Lady Gaga is apparently being fought over by top tea brands to promote their products after appearing publicly with tea on different occasions. An era where Lady Gaga is the new face of tea shall certainly be an interesting one. All we can do is sit and wonder, maybe tea with Swarnovski crystals is closer then we think.

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Jailed for worshipping tea pot

9 01 2010

Telegraph writes that a Malaysian woman was jailed for joining a tea-pot worshipping cult. The 57 year old woman was born a Muslim and thus forbidden to convert to other religions, despite the Malaysian freedom of worship. She was arrested in 2005 when the Muslim Majority destroyed a two story high sacred tea pot structure significant to the sect. According to the sect the tea pot symbolized the purity of water and love pouring from heaven.