New Twinings Ad

19 10 2011

It’s probably hard to miss, because it feels like it has been all over the place, but Twinings has recently released a new ad featuring a cover of The Calling song ‘Wherever You Will Go’. The advert is currently aired on UK television and it’s quite refreshing and unusual – a daring move on the company’s part. Finally they got in some talented illustrators and animators to create this visually beautiful ‘art-film’. Hopefully we will get more of this in the future.



Royal Air Force tea advertisments

13 05 2011

Very dramatic and very funny – the adverts for Rare Tea Co. Royal Air Force Blend. “Not a load of dust stuffed into a bag” and indeed Britain desperately needs de-bagging, not to mention the whole milk and sugar ritual.

The Perfect Cup

20 12 2010

Callum Kenny, a design student, has created a tea set which allows tea drinkers to brew a perfect cup of tea. The very clinical looking set includes devices such as a glass carafe, three temperature bulbs, a tea caddy and a tea filter. The main feature of this design is usage of the Galileo thermometer to get the correct temperature of brewing water. The three bulbs indicate different temperatures and raise to the top of the glass cylinder when water is ready to be used.

Once ready, you place the tea leaves inside the filter and put it into the tube. You wait and admire the water changing color and there it is, your perfect cup. The inspiration for this project was that 64 millions of cups are being brewed on a daily basis, however few of them are prepared with deserved care and attention to achieve the optimum flavor.

However, this brings me to the question ‘Is there a perfect cup of tea which can be endlessly executed in the same ritual?’ I agree, tea is usually prepared with little care, in fact, what most people do with tea is sacrilege, but can there be a device which will produce a perfect cup of tea every time. I’ll leave you with that. Enjoy the video.



How to choose real Japanese sencha

22 08 2010

This is a video with some handy advise on how to choose or rather what to avoid when buying sencha. It points out important features of packaging that are essential for your tea to stay fresh and be properly storaged. Do not be fooled by teas that pretend to be real or Japanese!


Hugh Jackman in Lipton Iced Tea commercial

25 07 2010

In case you have not seen this yet, you should take a look. Hugh Jackman is the global ambassador for Lipton and he is starring in their promotional campaign directed by Michael Gracey. The Australian actor is showing off his skills energetically dancing though a hotel, thus the ad is called “Tokyo Dancing Hotel”. Watching this, you can’t help but think of Christopher Walken dancing in the Fatboy Slim video for Weapon of Choice. It is very entertaining.

There is also a follow-up ad called “Hard Day’s Work” and it features a love scene with actress Ana de la Reguera. Jackman has a three-year contract with the company since this January, so it is very likely we will see more of the new Lipton face.


Lady Gaga is the new face of tea

20 07 2010

Lady Gaga is apparently being fought over by top tea brands to promote their products after appearing publicly with tea on different occasions. An era where Lady Gaga is the new face of tea shall certainly be an interesting one. All we can do is sit and wonder, maybe tea with Swarnovski crystals is closer then we think.

Fashion inspires an afternoon tea collection

24 06 2010

A London café Pret-a-Portea is inspired by various designers when creating colorful cookies and pastries for their afternoon tea collection. Everything looks very pretty and picture-perfect. A great way to show that fashion and tea indeed combine. For all fashionistas out there this is the ideal place if you would like to drink out of Paul Smith china or perhaps consume a Chanel clog made of chocolate.