70th Anniversary of Battle of Britain tea

3 10 2010

Rare Tea Co together with Saintsbury’s release a special edition Royal Air Force tea, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The blend was first created for Terry Clark, a veteran of the Battle. This tea it contains fine black tea from estates in India and Malawi and has a classic English character.

The tea is hand processed by farmers and 10% of the benefits go to support the RAFA Wings Appeal and the RAF museum. You may also fine a golden ticket with prizes including dinner with Terry Clark and creator of the tea, a year’s supply of tea and a flight in a spitfire airplane. And who said tea is a boring activity for stay-at-home grannies?

Available nationwide in the UK and online on the Rare Tea Co website.


How to choose real Japanese sencha

22 08 2010

This is a video with some handy advise on how to choose or rather what to avoid when buying sencha. It points out important features of packaging that are essential for your tea to stay fresh and be properly storaged. Do not be fooled by teas that pretend to be real or Japanese!


Private tea symphony

2 08 2010

A private tea moment is best enjoyed with soothing background music and thanks to the Drip with Song teacup design you can do both at once. The musical gadget features a CD player inside the saucer with built-in speakers, while the cup can be used to adjust the volume. Other controls are also placed on the saucer to ensure easy control of the player.

Although this idea is a bit outdated and CDs have been mostly replaced by audio files, it is nevertheless noteworthy. Who knows, a player like this, with a hard drive inside could be a handy element of a daily relaxation routine. The design is also universal and simple to use. If you think about it, a tea cub is a very simple piece of kitchenware, but the design ideas can be endless. Brought to you by designer Jongmin Kim.

World’s most expensive tea bag

28 07 2010

If you think 80 quid is a lot for a caddy with a few fancy tea bags, then you surely haven’t heard about world’s most expensive tea bag. It’s only a measly £7,500, yes, exactly. Of course it’s not expensive tea that contributes to this price tag. The bag, made by Boodles jewelers to celebrate PG Tips 75th birthday, is decorated with 280 diamonds. It is also hand-crafted and took three months to complete.

Even if you can afford it, it doesn’t look like you could drink it anyway, because that makes sense, right? Nowadays you can any item luxurious by adding some diamonds, luckily I prefer my tea non-diamond-studded.

The fancy tea bag has been used to raise money for Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The Yellow Submarine

28 07 2010

Joining the lines of such quirky infusers as Sharky, we present the cute little yellow submarine – Tea Sub. Although it does bring down the sophisticated tea culture to lower levels of tackiness, one must admit that it is quite adorable. If you don’t like tacky gadgets, but you are a Beatles fan, you might want to bring this along to Octopus’s garden party anyway.

The yellow infuser is made of silicon and is dishwasher safe, designed by Ototo available at Monkey Business.

Hugh Jackman in Lipton Iced Tea commercial

25 07 2010

In case you have not seen this yet, you should take a look. Hugh Jackman is the global ambassador for Lipton and he is starring in their promotional campaign directed by Michael Gracey. The Australian actor is showing off his skills energetically dancing though a hotel, thus the ad is called “Tokyo Dancing Hotel”. Watching this, you can’t help but think of Christopher Walken dancing in the Fatboy Slim video for Weapon of Choice. It is very entertaining.

There is also a follow-up ad called “Hard Day’s Work” and it features a love scene with actress Ana de la Reguera. Jackman has a three-year contract with the company since this January, so it is very likely we will see more of the new Lipton face.


Lady Gaga is the new face of tea

20 07 2010

Lady Gaga is apparently being fought over by top tea brands to promote their products after appearing publicly with tea on different occasions. An era where Lady Gaga is the new face of tea shall certainly be an interesting one. All we can do is sit and wonder, maybe tea with Swarnovski crystals is closer then we think.