Self-heating Lemon Tea aye?

19 12 2010

So during a road-trip we stopped at a random gas station on the way to Warsaw. I roamed though the small shop for food and beverage and found this… I read Lemon Tea – Self-heating, no way! The future is now. The appropriate geeky thing to do was to buy it and try it out and most importantly see if it’s any good.

I was most interested in the heating process itself. The heating is caused by calcium oxide. The can has two lids, you remove the bottom lid, press in a strange piece of plastic, shake the can and let the magic happen. The process is really quite bizarre when done for the first time and it happens much faster then anticipated. You turn over the can and it starts getting warmer. It goes up to about 40ÂșC, so not boiling hot, but it’s perfect temperature to start drinking straight away. It keeps heat longer then time needed to consume the beverage.

The tea tastes surprisingly good. It looks like those Nestea Iced Teas, brown in color, a bit sweet with that slightly lemony taste. Although it is not a health drink, we got instant lemon tea and black tea extract, some sugar and citric acid here, I could imagine drinking this on the road. When your nose gets close to the can it does however smell a bit like there’s been a chemistry lab going on. I guess you can’t avoid side effects with gadgets like this.

Everyone knows, cool things don’t come cheap and neither does this one. The price is the only downside really – just about 2.60 EUR is a bit much for a take-away drink, but it is worth the excitement you should treat yourself to in this jolly holiday season. 2Go tea brought to you by Fast Drinks.