Royal Air Force tea advertisments

13 05 2011

Very dramatic and very funny – the adverts for Rare Tea Co. Royal Air Force Blend. “Not a load of dust stuffed into a bag” and indeed Britain desperately needs de-bagging, not to mention the whole milk and sugar ritual.


70th Anniversary of Battle of Britain tea

3 10 2010

Rare Tea Co together with Saintsbury’s release a special edition Royal Air Force tea, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The blend was first created for Terry Clark, a veteran of the Battle. This tea it contains fine black tea from estates in India and Malawi and has a classic English character.

The tea is hand processed by farmers and 10% of the benefits go to support the RAFA Wings Appeal and the RAF museum. You may also fine a golden ticket with prizes including dinner with Terry Clark and creator of the tea, a year’s supply of tea and a flight in a spitfire airplane. And who said tea is a boring activity for stay-at-home grannies?

Available nationwide in the UK and online on the Rare Tea Co website.