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Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Tea

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Brand – Tea Boutique
Type – floral tea
Ingredients – cherry blossoms, alcohol, cherry blossom essence
Location – Warsaw, Poland
Rating – 10/10

Sweet Sakura Tea is, in its simplicity and beauty, an unforgettable experience. An ideal celebration of special occasions, with intense, sweet aroma and a feast for the eyes.

As the name implies – Sakura in Japanese means Cherry Blossoms – this tea is made of alcohol preserved cherry blossom flowers. There are six packets in the box and each packet contains about 4-5 blossoms. You only need about 2 blossoms per cup, so one whole sachet would make a pot.

When opening a sachet you’ll be greeted by a pungent aroma reminiscent of plum wine. It’s very sweet, floral and alcoholic, truly enchanting. I presume the flowers were preserved in alcohol instead of being dried to prevent them from crumbling. The blossoms look very ugly at this stage, you could even say they look gross, but like the ugly ducking these are also about to astound us with their beauty.

I place the blossoms in hot water. They open up exposing their delicate and fragile nature, it is a spectacular view. This is a perfect example of Japanese aesthetics in their appreciation of the beauty in simple everyday things. The pale pink blossoms unfurl and dance around in the pot for a while, until they set at the bottom.

The water slightly changes color, it is almost unnoticeable. The liquor still tastes just like water – weak and soft, but the strong aroma of cherry blossoms imbues the liquid with flavor and richness.

There are other versions of this tea which also contain leaves of camellia sinensis, however this reviewed tea is just plain cherry blossoms. I have read you can add these to wine or sake as well, after you put them into hot water. Sweet Sakura Tea is one of the most interesting and memorable teas I have tried. Brewing a cup of this tea is like opening a well aged wine and savoring its flavor.


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