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Mariage Freres The Sur Le Nil


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Brand – Mariage Freres
Type – green tea
Ingredients – green tea, fruity and lemon aroma
Purchase location – Stockholm, Sweden
My rating – 9/10

“Tea on the Nile” is truly a like and egyptian mystery. When you open the tin you smell a sharp, spicy, defined aroma, almost a smell of antiquity. The great surprise comes after brewing this tea – the aroma is much more attractive and completely different – sweet and fruity with a milder spicy note. The liquor is of bright yellow color and delicate taste. Although I had to convince myself to this tea at first, I think it’s an excellent composition.

It comes in the classic and recognized black tin with yellow logo print additionally packed in a cardboard box of the same colors. If works perfect as a whole, however I wouldn’t recommend this tea for beginners, as it’s a rather complex flavor and the initial aroma might be a turn-off.

This is a tea you will NEVER forget.

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One response

21 08 2010

Hello, Would you any advice on to buy this tea in the US? Thanks!

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