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Mariage Freres Marco Polo Green


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Brand – Mariage Freres
Type – Green Tea
Ingredients – green tea, Tibetan and Chinese fruit and flower fragrances
Location – Paris, France
Rating – 7/10

Mariage Freres means a great selection of interesting exotic flavors, but it also means high expectations. Marco Polo is a recognized blend and this green version of it was delivered as a celebration of the year 2000, however it’s also available as a black and red tea. This particular offering comes in the trademark Mariage black caddy. The ingredients of this blend are kept secret and it’s only revealed that the tea is blended with fragrances of fruits and flowers from Tibet and China.

My tasting starts with a strong, welcoming aroma of fruits, especially a raspberry-like note and rum. It is intensely sweet and fresh, just like newly picked berries with a hint of rum, creating an alcoholic smoothie experience. This kind of aroma was unknown to me until I tried this offering.

The leaves look like typical sencha and in dry-form they are blended with the occasional blue petal. The infused leaves are broken up and have a non-vibrant green appearance. I have to say that the liquor retains the dry leaf aroma very well – it has the fruit and rum aroma and a certain amount of creaminess to it. Moreover it has an apricot hue and tastes very refreshing.

Out of all the excellent Mariage Freres offerings I have tried so far this one was my least favorite. You have to keep on mind that it’s the least favorite out of very highly rated teas. I give this tea 7/10 for it’s uniqueness and quality, as it is an amazing blend that may be appreciated by some more then others.

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