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Mariage Freres White Magic Tea


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Brand – Mariage Freres
Type – White tea
Ingredients – white pai mu tan, white flowers
Location – Paris, France
Rating – 10/10

I have one word here – superb! White Magic Tea is one of three teas in the Mariage Freres Magic collection and it’s an offering special in every way. The first and most noticeable thing about this tea is the packaging. It comes in a hand-blown, milk-color glass jar – not very common for teas. Moreover, the jar has a smooth, curvy shape and a nice print on it. It’s additionally packed in a solid, fancy cardboard box which makes this combo very impressive and pleasant for the eye as well as tasteful and sophisticated.

The tea you will find inside is Pai Mu Tan Imperial blended with unspecified white flowers. Brighter tea buds are very prominent in this blend and it’s aroma is simply divine! I would say it’s something along the lines of a white Earl Grey, however much more deep and complex then that. The infused leaves have a soothing aroma with floral notes, and the look of traditional Pai Mu Tan – a mix of dark and light green leaves. The liquor shares the same aroma and a distinct woody flavor. I can taste hints of citrus in it, which makes it very refreshing and rich.

Some might call this extravagant – a lot of money for 50g of tea in elaborate packaging which is not quite filled to the top. I consider the price of this tea it’s only downside, but it’s a must try and a very presentable piece for any tea collector.

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