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Fukujuen Matcha Seiyu No Shiro


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Brand – Fukujuen
Type – green tea
Ingredients – powdered green tea
Location – Paris, France
Rating – 7/10

I have found this Matcha at the Maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris, in other words the Japanese Cultural Centre in Paris by the Kyoto Square.

The quality of it looks pretty good. The little jar contains a foil bag which holds the powder. After emptying the bag to the jar, you get it about half-full, which is not so good.

The powder looks very fresh, bright and saturated green color and sweet aroma make this matcha very appetizing. After preparing it with the whisk you get a nice green foam on top. The liquor also have an emerald green color and surprisingly not a very bitter taste.

Altogether I am quite happy with this tea, the jar is cute, the taste is good, the only downside was the price and the amount of the accrual powder.

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One response

3 07 2014

matcha is sold by weight, you bought a 20g tin, if you buy the 40g tin of the same tea it comes in the same packaging, just read the label if you want more tea.
pretty much all matcha is sold in either 20 or 40 gram amounts and they use the same tin for each size. a few companies I know here in kyoto do sell by 30g but it is less common.

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