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Basilur Tea Bouquet Yellow Fiesta


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Brand – Basilur Tea
Type – Green tea
Ingredients – green tea, marigold petals, mango, papaya and tropical fruit flavor
Location – Riga, Latvia
Rating – 6/10

Basileur Tea is a company I have not encountered before. The look of their products was interesting and I was curious to try it. This green tea from the Bouquet series is blended with marigold petals and scented with mango, papaya and tropical fruit. The aroma reminds me of something I’ve had before – chocolates with orange sugar-liquor inside or orange sugar jelly. This is exactly how this tea smells like. I would say the aroma is quite pleasant; it has a very strong, refreshing sweetness. The leaves are long and thick stick-shaped twists. Except for the petals
there are also dried fruit pieces mixed into the blend.

The leaves float nicely and raise to the surface inside the infuser. The steeping process reveals light yellow-green leaves, that have a ‘vitamin c’ aroma. There is ‘Exclusive Premium’ written all over the caddy, but the quality of the tea doesn’t seem to be either. In terms of quality I would say it’s an average green tea. The aroma of the liquor is as sweet as candy, with milk chocolate undertones and the flavor is citrusy.

The caddy was an unusual shape of a drop and the lock also uses a different solution then classic caddies. However, the outside design looks a bit kitschy and it does not give justice to the ‘cool’ looking tin.

I think this is an ok tea, with a lot of similarities to Chun Mee, but a much lower level of smokiness. Very delicate, yet refreshing.

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3 12 2009

Thank you,
very interesting article

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