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Canton Tea Co Jasmine Tea


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Brand – Canton Tea Co
Type – white tea
Ingredients – white, jasmine scented
Location – London, UK
Rating – 9/10

There is no doubt that Canton’s Jasmine Tea from Fujian Province in China is the result of excellent craftsmanship. The young tea buds are hand-rolled into much smaller pellets then you usually see with Jasmine artisan teas (Jasmine Pearl). They are also covered with tiny, white hairs and feel very soft and delicate in the hand. The pellets are scented with Jasmine flowers and have a rich floral fragrance, which feels sweet and authentic.

The infused pearls unfurl into long, fleshy buds and produce a delicate liquor of peach color. While the aroma fills you in, the liquor has a slight watered-out flavor, characteristic to most Jasmine pearl teas. However, the flavor becomes more rich the longer you steep the leaves. Overall its taste leaves a satisfying and thirst-quenching impression.

This is a great offering and it exceeds any of my expectations when it comes to Jasmine Pearls. Only a few pearls (about 10) create a flavorful infusion and can be steeped multiple times. I love everything about this product, from its quality to the packaging and I would highly recommend trying it out.


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