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Canton Tea Co Green Tea Pouchong


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Brand – Canton Tea Co
Type – green tea
Ingredients – green tea from Taiwan
Location – London, UK
Rating – 10/10

An unusual flavor from a family farm in Taiwan. This Canton Tea Co. offering is a Pouchong, which is a green tea, but often classified as an oolong, because of being slightly oxidized (10-20%). I would say that in flavor and appearance it lies somewhere between the two types.

This Pouchong has very dark-green leaves, almost black and in perfect shape. And I really mean in perfect shape – no broken leaves, not even the smallest trace of dust in the bottom of the package. So what you’re getting here is 100%, to the last cup. They have an appearance of thick twists, much like Chinese Bi Luo Chun or Mao Feng, but an aroma characteristic to lightly roasted oolongs. Brewing revealed wonderful, full-sized leaves.

It’s liquor has a pale-yellow hue and a delicate, subtle aroma, with floral hints of jasmine or fresh roses, almost like it was scented. It reminds me a little of being in a flower shop witha hint of cinnamon. When tasting, I thought the liquor felt thick and it had a milky finish, whereas the second brewing was more refreshing. This tea has an unusually sweet flavor with no astringency whatsoever.

I received the tea in a nice, modern cardboard box, with asian elements weaved into the design here and there. Inside the package the leaves are tightly sealed in a silver foil bag. I loved this tea and I can really recommend it, especially for people just starting with oolongs. Oolong tea has a very unfamiliar taste to most people who haven’t had previous experience with them and I think this is a great entry point.

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